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Kathryn Buckley created The Skin Detox to enable people to take control of their skin and understand the reasons why they may be experiencing skin problems.

With a wealth of knowledge about skin and diligent research of scientifically backed skin technology, Kathryn has helped people across the world transform their skin. 

somEthing exciting is coming ...

It's not just a skin programme...

It’s a lifestyle change!  

The Skin Detox is not just about the topical products that you are applying to the skin. To achieve optimal skin health we need to look at your diet and nutrition – what you are ultimately feeding your skin.  Kathryn has created a programme that takes away all the hard work.  

Six weeks of guided nutrition and a Skin Food recipe book to support you on your journey.  Its due to launch on 1st December 2021 but here is a sneak peak of what you can expect…

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Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, they are full of essential vitamins and minerals ... that all important 'Skin Food' that feed the body and ultimately feed the skin! Find out how you can get the kids to be as interested in eating the pumpkins as carving them here!

I had no idea a skin coach was even a thing! Behold! I watched Kat’s FB Live-streams and learned so much. Most importantly, I learned I NEEDED the best skin coach ever - KAT! At age 55, my skin was sensitive, with rosacea, small breakouts, dry, and the lines and dark circles under my eyes seemed to multiply overnight. Kat took care to consult with me, do the analysis and make recommendations based on her unique expertise. The change to my skin and the face I present to the world has been life changing. It’s only been 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Did I mention this all happened during Lockdown? And that I live in the US? And that Kat mentored me in how to properly use the products on Zoom calls?? EPIC!
Texas, USA
I have always been aware of needing to look after my skin. I have used a variety of different products over the years but I have never really understood my skin, what it is telling me and what it needs to get the best version of skin for me, until I was introduced to Kat! I live far away from Kat so sitting in her treatment room and discussing my skin has not been an option but this has not stopped her dedication and time for me! Through the wonders of technology, we have had lengthy calls about my skin and what I want to achieve. We decide on the best starter plan to get the best skin for me. Once my starter kit arrived, Kat arranged a video call and we did a facial together. Kat shared all her knowledge about each product we used and how to use them so I had everything I needed to start my journey. At the age of 35, I finally have a proper skin regime and my skin has never felt so good all thanks to Kat's dedication, commitment, knowledge and time.
Kent, UK